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It helps make the computer handy and portable but it takes a toll if not appropriately handled. For example, the sockets or ports connecting the screen to the laptop keyboard might get damaged, thus causing malfunction. The typical indicators of the faulty display are no display screen, lines or dots on the screen, dimmed screen, wrong color display, distorted screen, etc. A very common reason for your laptop’s black screen is your device getting overheated. This may occur because of dust, dirt, hair, or grime stuck across your laptop’s fan, which makes it difficult for it to cool down the laptop properly.

  • Otherwise, you’ll be experiencing a hefty amount of stuttering.
  • So, if you’re planning on using the software without a Rode X mic, it’ll set you back $5 USD a month.
  • Read more on this guide and follow the step-by-step guide to troubleshoot the problem on your laptop.
  • Remove the keycaps from the keyboard if your model has removable keycaps.
  • After two months of working correctly, I am experiencing an strange and very annoying problem.

However, the computer might also have a setting that’s incorrect and causing the input to appear to move on its own. Finally, one of the simplest ways to see whether your mouse or computer is causing the problem is to plug in a different mouse with the same type of connection. If the issue disappears and reappears when you reinstall the last mouse, you probably have a mouse issue. If nothing else has worked, scan your computer for viruses to see whether malware is the root of your problem. Let Windows find the correct drivers for your mouse.


Only difference is that I have the non-backlit version. If this does not correct the problem, continue with troubleshooting measures until the issues are resolved and your Dell Laptop Keyboard is functioning again. If your Dell Laptop Keyboard stops working, it could either be from a hardware or a software problem. This can be further delineated by evaluating the Basic Input/Output System which is the program that your computer’s microprocessor to start your computer after it is turned on. Go to the start menu and then click on Control Panel.

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But firstly, you should use MiniTool ShadowMaker to back up your important files since the random black screen may lead to data loss due to all possible causes of the laptop turning black. Sometimes viruses can cause the screen to go black. If you haven’t installed antivirus software on your laptop or the installed program isn’t powerful enough to block the viruses or malware, viruses may attack your laptop. In addition to hardware issues, your computer screen goes black randomly because of some software problems. Here, we suggest using MiniTool ShadowMaker Bootable Edition to create a file backup when the screen goes black randomly.